I hurt my thumb recently and went to the medical clinic to get the injury looked after. I took a seat in the small waiting room to wait my turn to see the doctor. A young boy, maybe five years old, emerged from the consultation area holding a blanket close to his heart.  He seemed a little old to be holding his blanket like, that so I observed him a little closer.

He followed his mother into the waiting room, and as soon as he saw me, he stopped right in his tracks. His eyes grew wide, and he turned to his mother exclaiming, “I know that woman mommy! She was with me at the hospital when I was sick!” His mother looked at me embarrassed and spoke to her son, “Honey, that woman was not there with you.” But he insisted, “Mommy, I know it’s her. She was there!” He looked at me shyly with a palpable sense of recognition and gratitude.

Time stood still. I knew I was in the presence of a force that went beyond the senses into the magical landscape of a child’s imagination and lived reality. I looked deeply into him and smiled. I did not refute his claim that he recognized me. I looked with my soul’s eyes and saw that he had been terribly ill and had come very close to dying. I also knew beyond any doubt that he had received much help from the unseen world and that he had been aided by forces that “this” world could not explain to him.
In that instant, I knew that prayers were real.

You see, for quite some time now I have had a practice that I’ve kept mostly to myself. As a healer and a loving human being, I receive countless requests for aid, prayers and healing. I often sit at my altar ground and work the field, so to speak. Once specific requests are attended to, I then let myself dream into who or what may need my help and attention. The cries for prayers and help are so very strong when one takes the time to listen. Sometimes I am called to an animal who is in pain and sometimes I am taken to a trauma-filled cultural setting. One of my favourite places to go however is to a child who feels alone and afraid. I sit with them, comforting them until they fall asleep. Then I move on.

The needs of the suffering human and planetary souls are so many, and opportunities to help are endless. I’ve often wondered if what I do actually makes a difference. Looking into the boy’s eyes and sensing his presence, I knew that whether it was me that was there by his side or someone else did not matter. The Love and Grace were the same. In that moment we both knew, the boy and I, that we were participants in the great miracle of Life.

In Loving Service,


Photo Credits: Unknown sources