There are ancient rhythms pulsing through the fabric of life, connecting us to the essential sacred nature of all that lives and exists. Ceremony blends all the forces that sustain us to create a life filled with gratitude, humility and love.

About Ceremonial Services

Life is infused with cycles; birth and death, beginnings and endings, rejuvenation and degeneration. These rhythms are all part of a wise and intricate matrix that form what we know and experience as “life”. Traditional cultures have long celebrated all facets of life, honouring their place within the fabric of a much larger paradigm and understanding. It is said that our current culture often neglects to honour important stepping stones in one’s life experience, the changes that are designed to initiate us into another dimension of who we are and what we are becoming.

Ceremony can be performed in many ways. It can be a simple birth ceremony, or to let go of what no longer serves in our lives. It could also be to restore love and forgiveness with a parted loved one, bringing to completion what one thought could never be mended or united.

Ceremony is one of the most effective and authentic way to honour your life, in all its expressions. Your ceremony will be designed especially for you, and may include: a despacho, the building of an apacheta, a quiet communing with nature, cleansing your home or land, or the celebration of a special event in your life.

How to Book Your Ceremony

You can contact Yola by phone, email or by filling out the Contact Form here.
After your initial request for ceremony is received, we will discuss what may be most beneficial to you. You may receive directives on how to perform a ceremony yourself, or perhaps you may want me to come perform it with/for you. We will determine together what course of action is best.
Paying for your ceremony will depend whether or not Yola needs to travel. If travel is required, a deposit of 50% of the fee will be paid in advance. If not, you can pay the fee before or after your session. Diverse payment options are available.
Each Ceremonial Request will be different. Yola will contact you with specific preparations which you should have ready for the time of your appointment.
The cost will depend on the nature of your ceremony.
Yola is perfectly present in ceremony, always aware of the best way to creatively express our connection to Pachamama through artful ritual.
Erica J, Ceremonialist