About Distant Healing Sessions

Distant Healing Sessions are for those who wish to gain insight and clarity into their current state of health and wellness. As I receive the request for Healing, I will take it to my Sacred Altar and journey into your particular situation. With your wholeness and most pristine state of health in mind, the “medicine” you most need at this particular time reveals itself. From there, a call for healing is made on your behalf.

You will receive a follow-up email describing what insights, guidance and practical measures came up for you during the session. Many people find the information revealed from the Distant Healing session deeply empowering, and gives them the added inspiration to spark their healing journey to a whole new level.

How to Book your Distant Healing Session

Send Yola an email with your request
Once you have received confirmation from Yola, you can pay for your session by PayPal or bank transfer. Your session will not begin before payment is received.
You will be receiving your email within the time frame that Yola has defined for you.
Reaching out for healing help is a big part of the healing journey. Know that when you send the healing request, the forces that be are already being summoned to assist you. Be receptive, open and curious about what you experience, and keep a journal if you wish.
The cost for a Distant Healing Session is $70 CAD per session.
Yola carries the medicinal wisdom and gentle love that calls you back to the place of your personal empowerment. She has an intuition that opens sacred space for your deepest transformations to occur. I am grateful for her presence among us and anyone who has the opportunity to be guided by Yola back to their truth will feel blessed as well to call her a shining master like I have.”
S.Ruiz ~ Phoenix, AZ