Healing Workshop I – Introduction to Healing

In this workshop we will learn about the ancient and universal principles of the art of healing. In a culture where our health is often given and trusted to the hands of another, we will learn ways to empower ourselves and awaken our own innate healing capacity. Taking back the power of healing can be liberating. The healing journey then becomes a unique dance with life and can ignite a deeper purpose within us, in full alignment with our soul’s contracts.

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Healing Workshop II – Energetic Cleansing

This practical workshop is designed to teach you how to discern the varying degrees of negative or disruptive influences that affect your life. Some of these disruptions can come from others, the environment, society, and also from within one’s self. An important component to healing is learning to manage and master the flow of the energy field. A vibrant state of health can be encouraged by letting go and transforming the parts still linger within and that no longer serve us.

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Healing Workshops

Yola is a genuine and gifted healer whose abilities are profound.

Steven Fanning, Ph.D. Healer and Author, Chicago, IL
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