Hymns to The Beloved – A Call For Sacred Love

The Hymns to the Beloved is a collection of poems about the yearning for mystical love – the lover’s search for the most intimate expression of love. Often love is not what we expect it to be, and the road to discovering real love can be arduous. Many seek it, look for it and desire it, yet who is prepared to pay the price of such love? Few have the stamina of soul to withstand the bonfire of love. Yet no matter who we are, we all must embark on the journey love takes us on. It is impossible to escape because love’s call is one of the most powerful drawing forces in the universe.

This book is about believing in love again. It is about knowing that a love so sacred does in fact exist and it can propel us into becoming who we are and to brave our humanity. The poems can serve as a reminder that there is no greater purpose in life than love and there is no greater blessing in life than to be loved. In this giving and receiving we enter the realm of the divine.

Author’s Note

Hymns to the Beloved – A Call for Sacred of Love is a project that has taken me two and a half years to complete. It was an unexpected creation, and the joy it has brought to my life is immeasurable.
The book is simple, and can be read many times. There is a feeling of timelessness to the poems. Sometimes a particular poem will strike me more profoundly, depending on my mood and mind set. Other times, the exact same poem will not have much effect at all. I believe it will be a companion to my heart for many years to come.
Writing this book has been a true labor of Love for me, and now, I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Hymns to the Beloved is available in both print and ebook through various online booksellers, including Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Nobles, and Indigo.