Mother Earth’s Dream – A Short Tale

“I have never stopped dreaming,” Mother Earth tells Creator. Her prayers have been abundant lately.
“I have not yet given up hope,” She continued. Creator listened attentively, sending a gentle breeze to make His presence known.
Mother Earth prayed with great love in her heart. “For many, many, many years now, I have been hosting life on this planet. I was entrusted to sustain the sacred balance of all life, and for the most part, I have been able to do so. Every single speck of life matters in the Web of Life. From the smallest microbes to the most advanced biological life-forms, each have a unique and sacred role to play, and fall under my watchful eyes and care.” Creator caressed Her with a stronger wind now, lending His support.

“The human species confuses me,” She confessed. “They have such potential for beauty, innovation, and leadership, but this is not what humanity has become.” There was sadness in her voice now.
“Humanity has fallen ill, Creator. It has forgotten that it is essentially a peaceful species. Humans have learned to kill and destroy, not only each other, but countless other species as well,” Mother Earth paused, breathing deeply, recalling the last few years of Earth history, which are only a hiccup in the flow of Time. She became softer, more reflective.
“This is not my dream. It is their own dream made of fear, greed and ignorance. My dream, Creator, is for my children to re-member themselves as who they truly are. They are made for more than this current expression. I wish humanity could see how beautiful and stunning the natural world is, and how it upholds the very foundation of life on this planet. I wish all of life could co-exist in harmony. It is my purpose to hold all life sacred within me. There is room for everyone on this magnificent planet.”

Mother Earth became very still and silent. She then heard a soft voice speaking to her in the wind. It was the voice of Creator. The words carried a vision of the New Earth.
“The human race will learn, my precious. Many will remember their place in the Web of Life, and choose peace over war and destruction. These brave souls will pave a way for the most revered virtues of the human soul to take shape. The many will become one, united in a common vision. Humanity will become whole and faithfully serve as stewards of all Life. They are your children. They will re-member.”
Mother Earth, renewed with faith, continued to nourish Her dream.

An impromptu musing by Yola
Photo Credits: Unknown