(Published in the March 2019 issue of Tone Magazine)

We are children of the Earth. Often we have heard these simple words. But what do they mean? In its simplest explanation it means that we are formed by the same elements that form all life on this planet. The basic structures that keep us together as human beings also sustain and support the plants, animals, minerals, and all natural phenomena. Seen for what it is our body is a container made of life-giving and life-sustaining elements.

We are part of a system of biological connections that communicates with accuracy and impeccable consistency what we need to survive and thrive on this beautiful planet.

By honoring the earth we remind ourselves that we are alive because of her bounty and selfless nature. The air we breathe reminds us that we share the same space with all living creatures. Knowing we are a body, a biological temple of perfect proportions, keeps things simple for us.

Take a moment to tune into your body and the simplicity of the elements that form it. In their basic nature all elements are the same. H2O is the same whether it is found in the air, the ocean, a stream, your lungs, the body of a tree, or atop the highest mountain. There is no discrimination. No separation. No contradiction.

We can connect with and discover the basic elements of nature within our bodies in a few ways;
By walking barefoot on the earth, bathing in water, breathing deeply, taking in the light of the sun at noon, and spending time in silence. These practices provide gateways into our true and elemental nature.

By focusing on what is common between all living things we touch upon what connects us as one living organism and restores our sense of belonging within the great web of life. This is one of the teaching that Mother Earth teaches us. She does not discriminate. Why should we?

Unlearn what you think you know and let the earth teach you.

In Loving Service,