Pollution of the mind is rampant in our culture. To be aware of this phenomenon is paramount to creating a healthy mind and body. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with countless mental pollutants: news, social media, noise, traffic, drama, abuse, stress, etc…

In an age when a two-hour text response lag can induce anxiety, it is the pollution of the mind that is the cause of the chaos, destruction of environment, and separation from the sacred dimensions of life without which we are lost as a species. We have become so accustomed to having discursive thoughts, we no longer have the ability to encounter the world with an open heart. We have adapted to living mostly in our heads, having forgotten and forsaken the essential need we have to connect with our bodies and the earth.

We have become a culture of lost souls because of the fear generated by faulty thinking and destructive intention. Knowing when to disconnect from the influences of the drunken monkey mind is essential to our well-being and evolution. Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and tai chi are very valuable. Yet nothing is more powerful than the sensuality of our instinctual nature for restoring trust in the sacred relationship between mind and body.

Alleviating the discord caused by the monkey mind is most effectively done by embodying our spontaneous nature. It’s about losing our mind and coming to our senses. The power generated from the body when fuelled by the higher mind is a catalyst for transformation and much needed medicine for the world.

Remember, the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

In Loving Service,