Writing Workshop – Portal Between Worlds

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” Norman Vincent Peale

In this introductory workshop your will learn to write your way into non-ordinary states of consciousness. Our interior landscape is home to a multitude of worlds, many of which are there to help teach us important lessons in the discovery of who we are and why we are here.

Writing is a tool that can be used to record your journey into other states of consciousness and other dimensions of time and space. Just like the shaman’s drum creates a rhythm that can bring you into an extra-sensory awareness, the act of writing can create a clear passage of information and experience between the “worlds”.

In this workshop you will learn to write in such a way that you will be able to access places of awareness that are normally not accessible with everyday thought. As a tool for conscious dreaming writing can have a powerful effect on your way of seeing and interpreting your current reality.

In this enlightening workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to the Akashic Library.
  • Trust your intuition and imagination in a whole new way.
  • Develop a new relationship with the unseen world.
  • Discover a basic cosmology of the inner landscape.
  • Learn to recognize and access portals between worlds.

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Logistics & Registration

  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Location: Yola’s Studio, or at a sponsor’s preferred location.
  • Cost: $60. Payable by e-transfer, cash, cheque, and PayPal (use button below).
  • Deposit: $20 will reserve your place.
  • To Register or sponsor a workshop: Contact Yola by phone: 613-291-0315 or email: info@yoladunne.com

After you register you will receive more details about the workshop including how to prepare, what to bring, directions, and parking.

Register for this workshop via PayPal:

Writing Workshops

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Upon a written cancellation request you will receive:
  • A full refund (less $10 admin fee) up to 15 days before the workshop begins.
  • 50% of the workshop fee up to 7 days before the start date.
  • There are no refunds within a week of the workshop start date.

In the event that the workshop is cancelled or rescheduled, all monies paid will be refunded. You can also choose to apply your fee to other workshops or services.

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