Listen to the sound of silence. Listen to the still small voice from within that beckons you to come home to your Self. The moment we realize and understand that growing a soul is an integral part of our human experience, the meaning and purpose of our life starts to reveal itself like a bloom of infinite beauty.

About Soul and Life Guidance

We live in an interconnected universe. Soul and Life Guidance sessions are for those who feel a deep stirring from within, knowing that there is something calling them forth into a more authentic expression of who they are. Everyone needs guidance. It is a cherished moment when we can let down our guard and reveal ourselves for who we really are. These sessions can include soul retrieval, forgiveness, healing from past traumas, and the healing of wounds we sometimes don’t even know we carry.

The realm of the soul is sacred. And to be there, even for a moment, can bring tremendous peace and understanding as to “why things are” in your life. I serve as guide and witness to your unique journey.

  • Soul and Life Guidance Sessions are available by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

How to book your Private Session with Yola

You can contact Yola by phone, email or by filling out the Contact Form here.
Show up for your session.
You can pay before or after your session. Diverse payment options are available.
The healing effluences often start to be felt in your life when you make the commitment to come for a session. Listen to the world around you, and be mindful of what clues may come up that will aid in your healing. Keep a journal if you wish. Having a clear intent for the session can be helpful.
The cost for a one hour session is $70 CAN. Longer sessions will be priced accordingly. (90 Minutes ~ $105, and 2 hours ~ $140).

Pay for your Healing Service via PayPal

Healing Services
Yola has enabled me to work through some of the most essential elements of my being. With a gentle, yet powerful heart, the term “healer” must be multiplied infinitely to begin to portray what Yola does. Without Yola, my stresses, negative energies and scattered mindset would still consume me. Today, I am able to shape my reality. I have let go of subconscious influences that I was not aware of… I am lighter, happier and excited for the path that awaits me. Healing is a continuous journey, and I am honoured beyond words to have Yola take these steps with me.
P.F. ~ Montréal, Québec