Remember Me – A Novel

Betrayed, Carmen saw her life come crashing down. Her world would never be the same. But in the midst of chaos and suffering, she discovered her most powerful ally…

“I am Carmen Agnes Sirota. If you had told me one day I would write a story like Remember Me, I never would have believed you. But here it is. And here I am. There isn’t a moment that goes by that I don’t think about it. Sometimes I wish I could still be there, to learn more, to listen, to experience the living soul of Mother Earth all over again. At least I took the time to write it down. I encourage you to read on and discover its wisdom and magic for yourself.” – Carmen

Author’s Note

Remember Me is a fun and fast-paced read, taking you into the heart of the Peruvian Rainforest. Carmen, whose life takes an unexpected turn, finds herself in a small village in the most peculiar circumstance. A trip to forget her troubles becomes an unexpected journey to her true self and her life′s purpose.

It is an honor to share this book with you. May its spirit infuse your heart and soul.

What Readers Say

‘Remember Me’ takes you on a journey to both an inner and outer plane stirring that which lies within all of us. Yola Dunne is a master of her craft as her writing style captivates the soul, her work is rich in wisdom and imagery that takes you into another world, from breathtaking scenes of Peru to enchanted encounters. The character Carmen is constantly reflecting something in ourselves and how invaluable it is to reconnect to what is within and the natural world around us. In so many ways the profundity of finding our truth unravels the Great Mystery of the earth beneath our feet. A must enjoyable read for anyone.

Eddie Mallon, Author of Wisdom Dips

I loved this book. A beautiful path to restoring our connection with each other and with the earth mother. I experienced the journey as I read these words of wisdom.

Michelle Pauls

A sweet an accessible journey through the worlds. A great read for those who have an unnamable certainty that there’s something more going on here.

lark ~ Amazon Review

I just finished reading Yola Dunne’s book Remember Me. It’s an adventure story, a teaching story, and a deep mystical dive into the love of Pachamama (Earth Mother) and the cosmos. It put a lot of pieces together for me in a much deeper way, and has strengthened my motivation to contribute to the Great Turning. And speaking of turning, Remember Me is a well-written page-turner! Don’t miss this book.

Judy ~ Amazon Review

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