Private Sessions

We live in an interconnected universe. Soul and Life Guidance sessions are for those who feel a deep stirring from within, knowing that there is something calling them forth into a more authentic expression of who they are. Everyone needs guidance. It is a cherished moment when we can let down our guard and reveal ourselves for who we really are. These sessions can include soul retrieval, forgiveness, healing from past traumas, and the healing of wounds we sometimes don’t even know we carry.

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Distant Healing

Distant Healing Sessions are for those who wish to gain insight and clarity into their current state of health and wellness. As I receive the request for Healing, I will take it to my Sacred Altar and journey into your particular situation. With your wholeness and most pristine state of health in mind, the “medicine” you most need at this particular time reveals itself. From there, a call for healing is made on your behalf.

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Ceremonial Services

Life is infused with cycles; birth and death, beginnings and endings, rejuvenation and degeneration. These rhythms are all part of a wise and intricate matrix that form what we know and experience as “life”. Traditional cultures have long celebrated all facets of life, honouring their place within the fabric of a much larger paradigm and understanding. It is said that our current culture often neglects to honour important stepping stones in one’s life experience, the changes that are designed to initiate us into another dimension of who we are and what we are becoming.

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“I have known Yola for over 20 years as a student, employee, friend and colleague. Through this time I have seen her grow as an impressive healer, combining several modalities from the mystical, to herbal and nutrition practitioner into a very dynamic form of practice. You will be impressed by the changes she can guide you through.”

-Terry Willard, Ph.D., Master Herbalist and elder, Vancouver Island, B.C.

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Healing Services

*Gift Certificates Available for all Healing Services.

These services are covered under Naturopathy and are eligible for up to 90% refund with most private health insurance plans.

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