What People Say about Yola

Yola Dunne is a highly gifted curandera and teacher. I am humbled to learn this ancient wisdom from her. I absolutely felt the presence of the lineage during our gathering. Thank you for sharing this precious gift.

-Juliana S., Lawyer, Val des Monts, Québec.

Yola is perfectly present in ceremony, always aware of the best way to creatively express our connection to Pachamama through artful ritual.

-Erica J, Ceremonialist

Yola is one of those old souls occupying a vibrant body that reflects the deepness and stillness of a quiet body of water under the light of a full moon. She moves with such grace and wisdom in her role as a teacher, healer and ceremonialist that anyone in her presence is transformed into a place of balance and bliss.

-Thomas Mock, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Sanctioned Teacher

Yola Dunne is a dedicated Pachakuti Mesa Carrier who embodies the lineage of this Peruvian tradition. She has depth, clarity and a true gift for communicating with the unseen realms. Both in ceremony and in teaching, Yola taps into the living essence of what it means to be of service to our planet at this time.

-Judy Hoaglund, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Sanctioned Teacher

Yola’s centered and openhearted presence in sacred circle is both a strong pillar of support and a soft bed to land on. Energetically responsible, caring, discerning, and committed, Yola’s gifts of insight, healing, and ancient future wisdom are a gift to receive.

-Amy Mermaid Isakov, Philadelphia, PA

Yola carries the medicinal wisdom and gentle love that calls you back to the place of your personal empowerment. She has an intuition that opens sacred space for your deepest transformations to occur. I am grateful for her presence among us and anyone who has the opportunity to be guided by Yola back to their truth will feel blessed as well to call her a shining master like I have.

– S.Ruiz, Phoenix, AZ

I have known Yola for over 20 years as a student, employee, friend and colleague. Through this time I have seen her grow as an impressive healer, combining several modalities from the mystical, to herbal and nutrition practitioner into a very dynamic form of practice. You will be impressed by the changes she can guide you through.

– Terry Willard, Ph.D., Vancouver Island, B.C.

I met Yola when I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. I saw her with some skepticism and now can’t imagine not seeing her every few weeks. I call her an “energy healer” with my friends but she’s so much more than that. She brings such thoughtful insights that extend well beyond my journey with cancer and deep into the human condition. Yola makes ambivalent introspection a lovely adventure that fills me with curiosity. She brings relief, peace, joy and an abiding love of life and whenever I leave her sanctuary, I feel profoundly happy that she is sharing my journey with me

– Sarah, Chelsea, Québec

My experience with Yola is that she is a wise and gifted Shaman whose love and vision transforms in ways that I no longer try to understand.

-Tina W., M.Ed., Ottawa, Ontario

Yola has enabled me to work through some of the most essential elements of my being. With a gentle, yet powerful heart, the term “healer” must be multiplied infinitely to begin to portray what Yola does. Without Yola, my stresses, negative energies and scattered mindset would still consume me. Today, I am able to shape my reality. I have let go of subconscious influences that I was not aware of… I am lighter, happier and excited for the path that awaits me. Healing is a continuous journey, and I am honoured beyond words to have Yola take these steps with me.

-P.F., Montréal, Québec

Yola has been a true blessing and lasting grace in my life and one that continues to grow with each passing day. She possesses the ability to transform the needs of the client into a language true to that person’s spirit and soul. It is rare to encounter such a visionary person. I am eternally grateful to have met her and would highly recommend her services as a spiritual coach to anyone who is struggling in this area of their lives. One will undoubtedly be more aware and feel more alive after encountering such a gifted individual as Yola.

-Ed K.

Some people are born with it and some aspire to become. Yola is a natural healer with innate instincts to identify the psyche of an individual. She is gifted in identifying the different aspects of a person by identifying their unique archetypes and by doing so, enlightens an individual to their patterns that have lead them to a desire for change.

– Dalal

Yola is a calm, thoughtful presence in the world. She works from a place of intuition and wisdom and is gifted with insights when interpreting archetypes. Yola speaks softly from a source of power, wisdom and inspiration. Her service as a guide is a blessing


Yola is a genuine and gifted healer whose abilities are profound.

-Steven Fanning, Ph.D. Healer and Author, Chicago, IL

Yola Dunne is a modern day mystic, intuitive healer and emerging spiritual teacher that can benefit all Canadians

– Christopher Hansard, best-selling author, London, U.K.

There’s just this something about you; your calmness, your gentleness, your experiences, even your voice. You just wanted to listen and really know my sadness and to me, that was just an amazing moment for me when I knew that day that there was really and truly hope for this girl to be happy and confident again one day soon

-A.H., Toronto, Ontario

Ce que j’ai aimé le plus chez toi, c’est ta franchise et ton écoute. Je pouvais sentir ton énergie et ton intégrité. C’est comme si tu m’avais enveloppé de tes bras et je me suis toute suite senti en sécurité et libre de m’exprimer. C’est comme si j’avais rencontré un guide à la croisée des chemins, qui m’a simplement aidé choisir mon chemin.

-C.L., Gatineau, Québec

Yola writes what needs to be written. Her writing is an art through which she not only tells stories and elucidates wisdom, but she also has the rare ability to merge with the reader in ways that carry both on a journey of discovery as the story unfolds. When I read her writing, it’s not that I’m just with Yola reading her words, it’s more like I’m activating new senses that I have no words for…yet..as the world becomes more alive and experience becomes more rich.

-Steve Guettermann, Writer, Speaker, Mythologist

Yola’s writing weaves an organic web that draws the reader into both the very real and the esoteric.

-Lorraine, Montreal, Québec

‘Remember Me’ takes you on a journey to both an inner and outer plane stirring that which lies within all of us. Yola Dunne is a master of her craft as her writing style captivates the soul, her work is rich in wisdom and imagery that takes you into another world, from breathtaking scenes of Peru to enchanted encounters. The character Carmen is constantly reflecting something in ourselves and how invaluable it is to reconnect to what is within and the natural world around us. In so many ways the profundity of finding our truth unravels the Great Mystery of the earth beneath our feet. A must enjoyable read for anyone.

– Eddie Mallon, Author of Wisdom Dips

I loved this book. A beautiful path to restoring our connection with each other and with the earth mother. I experienced the journey as I read these words of wisdom.

-Michelle Pauls

A sweet an accessible journey through the worlds. A great read for those who have an unnamable certainty that there’s something more going on here.

-lark, Amazon Review

I just finished reading Yola Dunne’s book Remember Me. It’s an adventure story, a teaching story, and a deep mystical dive into the love of Pachamama (Earth Mother) and the cosmos. It put a lot of pieces together for me in a much deeper way, and has strengthened my motivation to contribute to the Great Turning. And speaking of turning, Remember Me is a well-written page-turner! Don’t miss this book.

-Judy, Amazon Review

Yola Dunne has proven herself to be one of the most reliable sources of shamanic wisdom embodiments I’ve had the privilege of calling my auxillia (ceremonial healing partner). Her deep empathy and heightened sensitivity to the unseen powers and forces that permeate our spiritual multiverse make her a unique asset within the evolving shamanic community I have served for over 30 years.

It is my fondest dream to have any person seeking healing and initiation into the Great Work to receive the skilful presence of Yola in their lives.

don Oscar Miro-Quesada, founder of the Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Foundation.